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Jay Matos



Jay Matos is one of Nevada’s best known and longest-serving cannabis business consultant. Jay is a founding member of the prestigious Clark County Green Ribbon Advisory Panel also known as “GRAP” a government-appointed cannabis board that consist of some of Las Vegas most influential business leaders.

Jay owns his own consulting firm here in Las Vegas, Nevada called LeadNet, LLC. which specializes in cannabis consulting and compliance, mergers and acquisitions, licensing and critical management, government and public affairs. Through LeadNet Jay and his staff negotiate retainer agreements with businesses to represent them as a liaison on state and local municipal issues including working with City Council, County Commissioners and staff in compliance, applying for special use permits, restricted licenses, privilege licenses, zoning, fast-tracking, ordinances and many other government processes and procedures.

Jay has dedicated the past six and a half years to help the push to reform Nevada’s medical marijuana program here in Nevada. “The law is broken here in Nevada and I will do my part to help fix it.” said Jay Matos in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

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