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Lizette Matos



As Director of Government and Public Affairs, Lizette Matos, along with the Leadnet staff, negotiate retainer agreements with businesses to represent them as a liaison on state and local municipal issues, including working with City Council, County Commissioners and staff in applying for special use permits, restricted licenses, privilege licenses, zoning, fast tracking, ordinances and many other government processes and procedures.

Lizette participated in political fundraisers and campaign events in 2012 and 2013, building support for SB374. She assisted in running the “In-Service Training” for Clark County Staff from Business Licensing, Comprehensive Planning, Zoning, Fire Chief, Metro and Liaisons to many of the County Commissioners.

Lizette staffed, as well as volunteered with, several grass roots political campaigns and, in 2013, she served as Chief of Staff for Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, in an internship capacity. Lizette Matos has resided in Las Vegas, Nevada for more than thirty years. For the last two years, Lizette has worked closely with both, State of Nevada, Department of Public & Behavioral Health and Clark County Business Licensing to provide guidance on Nevada’s Medical Marijuana Program.

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