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John Heishman


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John Heishman is a successful local business Co-Founder/CEO, serving as Global Harmony LLC's President and Chief Executive Officer. He leads one of the most reputable and accomplished companies in the industry. His extensive knowledge of holistic approaches to health and wellness and his motivation and enthusiasm have enabled him to succeed significantly as a business owner.
He advocates for drug laws that are clear and sensible and strengthen communities. With 27 years of experience in holistic alternative medicine, he witnessed the healing effects of plant-based medicine and sought formal training in California after the approval of Proposition 215 for medicinal purposes in 1996.
As CEO, He successfully navigated the heavily regulated and sometimes turbulent waters of the burgeoning state-sanctioned industry, leading the company through rapid growth, scrutiny, and diversification. He is responsible for overseeing company-wide strategic issues, including development, customer service relations, operations, and purchasing programs.
John has a deep passion for community service and has been a supporter of several healthcare non-profit initiatives over the years.

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