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Holistically Positive Project

Sponsored by Top Notch Dispensaries

Top Notch Dispensaries has awarded COMC a scholarship grant to pay for medicinal cannabis cards for any individuals with HIV/AIDS.

The scholarship will provide patients the required State physical at COMC and the 2 year card fee. (Value of $195.00 per patient) Also, they will receive a 20% discount on their cannabis purchases at Top Notch dispensary.

Patients must submit an application online provided below. Applications will be reviewed by a committee.

By clicking "Submit Application" you are confirming that all information you have provided is true and correct.

Program Requirements (Requerimientos del Programa)

1. Been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS (Estar diagnosticado/a con VIH/SIDA)

2. Have a medical need for a cannabis card. (Tener una razón medica para tener la tarjeta de cannabis)

3. Be willing and able to attend two required one hour classes. (Estar disponible de atender 2 clases requeridas de una hora cada una)

4. Have a valid Nevada State issued identification/drivers license. (Tener una identification/licencia de manejo valida y del Estado de Nevada.

5. Income is below 400% Federal Poverty level (Ingresos están por debajo del 400% del nivel de pobreza federal ), 

Holistically Positive Scholarship Application

Are you willing to attend two 1hr classes on "Nutrition and Cannabis" and "Different Methods of Consumption"? (Esta disponible para atender dos classes de 1 hora sobre "Nutricion y Cannabis" y "Diferentes metodos para consumir cannabis"?)

Thank you for applying for the Holistically Positive scholarship. We will be contacting you soon.

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